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It's been a long, long winter.

At this time of the year, I get anxious. Being house bound, I yearn to get outside and smell the earth and start planting. It's as if I am slowly waking up to spring.

 I get inspired from plant and seed catalogs. The pictures burst with color and I dream of what is possible out there in the frozen tundra.

My markers and drafting tools, which have been dormant all winter, are now piled on my desk ready for action. I start drawing trees with abandon, as if I'll never seen green leaves again.

What wakes me up, though, is that I begin to connect with my customers (because they are feeling the same way!)

Slowly the anxiety melts, just like the snow, and I am awake.

Trip to Italy

My trip to Italy was inspiring and life changing! The history, the gardens, and the people, opened my mind. The fresh food, beautiful scenery, and a culture of hospitality, was amazing! This week I have been busy catching up and madly creating new gardens for my clients. (I keep trying to draw grape vines in all of them!) LOL, I guess the wine was really good!